Coopers’ Craftista Challenge

South Florida female bartenders shake it up!

South Florida bartenders get ready! We are excited to co-host the inaugural Coopers’ Craftista Bartender Challenge featuring handcrafted holiday bourbon cocktails + mocktails on Monday, December 17th, 2018. Female bartenders unite! Up to eight competitors will vie for the Craftista title and win fab prizes plus their own page on Spirited South Florida. We will come together at one of the first Fort Lauderdale bars to feature the ‘art of the Craft Cocktail’, Stache Drinking Den.

The Challenge

Shaken, Stirred or Smashed? Enter the competition by submitting a Craftista mocktail description with recipe plus a photo and a Coopers’ Craft Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey holiday bourbon cocktail description with recipe plus a photo with full name/email/phone to

Deadline for submissions has ended, Judging criteria will be based on taste, presentation and holiday theme for the cocktail. Taste and presentation only for the mocktail. A complete set of rules will be given to all selected participants. Bartenders will be required to bring their own bar tool, glassware, mixers and garnishes for their entries. Coopers’ Craft Bourbon, water and ice will be provided. Each participant will make four cocktails and four mocktails for their presentation.

The Judges

We have brought together a stellar judging team led by Coopers’ Craft National Brand Ambassador Fitz Bailey, Executive Chef Paula DaSilva and restaurateur Danielle Cole.

The Judging Team

The Venue

Stache Drinking Den + Coffee Bar | 109 SW 2 Ave, Downtown Fort Lauderdale


The Coopers’ Craftistas are Kyshali Ramirez, Michou Angus, Champion Tamara Jovanovic, Jessie Bell, Champion Anita Bogacz, Megan Scully. Proud of this dynamic group of talented bartenders.

The Bartenders
Jessica, Anita, Kyshali, Michou + Tamara

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