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Stache: Craft Cocktail Bar & More

The scene is mysterious and relaxed, yet curious and upbeat.

Bourbons, Whiskies, Ryes… Oh my!


Stache, 1920’s Drinking Den & Coffee Bar
109 SW Second (Moffat) Avenue, Downtown Fort Lauderdale

What is it: Stache will infuse you with the intimate energy of a 1920’s Speakeasy. The scene is mysterious and relaxed, yet curious and upbeat. It’s a swanky downtown drinking den where the walls are warmed with plush tapestries and mood lighting. A sexy, discreet ambiance allows you to escape the daily grind and sink into an entirely different state of mind. Stache 1920’s Drinking Den organically transforms during the day, operating as a coffee house serving Panther Coffee to a craft cocktail bar at night.

Why it’s worth your precious time and cash: Hand-crafted cocktails by experienced bartenders. In 2015 they helped launch the Fort Lauderdale Whisk(e)y Society and Spirited Women, bringing spirited owners, master distillers and brand ambassadors to their  customers through spirited classes, seminars and educational tastings.


Must see/don’t miss: The Whiskey Den, a collection of over 300+ whiskies ranging from bourbons, ryes, scotches (American, Irish, Japanese and Canadian). Customized Stache barrel picks, featuring their own signature single barrel Buffalo Trace and very rare Old Weller Antique.

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