Photo of Brian Sassen at work

Meet Brian Sassen

Repour Homemade Cocktails Beverage Director & Bar Manager

I’m old school. Bring me an old fashioned or a 50/50 gin martini and I’m a happy drinker.

South Beach’s Repour Bar, tucked inside the Albion Hotel, is an oasis of inventive cocktails. Escape from the hectic pace of Miami while you lounge, sip & groove to hip music. There I found Brian Sassen mixing up classic cocktails and charming guests.

  1. Known for … crafty improv, creating a fun, party vibe, detail and organization.
  2. Your go-to drink is… stirred and boozy cocktails, generally takes on the old fashioned.
  3. Must have Garnish … fresh fruit and herbs.
  4. Essential Bar accessory … barspoon.  beyond stirring cocktails, it’s an extension of my hand and a highball builder.
  5. Best local bar… easy to say Repour, which I honestly believe.  Sweetwater in Boynton was my go to for years.
  6. You are loving … life.  every day is a gift.  
  7. This time next year you’ll be drinking …something native in an area of the world I have yet to visit.

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