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Meet Marc Volpicelli

Bartender and President at USBG Palm Beach

The main focus of a bartender should be guest service. Everything else (craft cocktails, flair, specially focuses) is just a vehicle to assist in delivering the best guest service possible.

President at USBG Palm Beach and Bartender/Consultant

Having been in the industry for over a decade and tending bar in South Florida for four years, Marc has established a well respected reputation among colleagues and guests alike. His creativity and ability to produce well-balanced and winning cocktails have earned him various victories in cocktail competitions locally in both Florida and Rhode Island. He is a founding USBG Palm Beach chapter member and current chapter President. Marc works as a bartender as well as an independent consultant, offering private bar services and cocktail demonstrations. He is the reigning Max’s Social House Bar Brawls Champion.

1. Known for Excellent hospitality
2. Your go-to drink is … For myself- Negroni. For the guest- whatever best suits their need in the moment
3. Must have Garnish … A smile
4. Essential Bar accessory A good knife
5. Best local bar … Broken Shaker – based strictly on atmosphere
6. You are loving The evolution of people on both sides of the bar through new experiences and education
7. This time next year you’ll be drinking A Sherry cobbler on a beach in an exotic location

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Picture of Scotch Loch and Drop It Cocktail

Favorite Recipe: In the 80s Scotland experienced a surplus of whiskey at a time when sales were very low and not expected to rise. Many distilleries were closed. This time in Scotch history was called the Scotch Loch. Now we are experiencing the most exciting time for whiskey the world has seen. My favorite cocktail that I have ever created fit for any drinker to enjoy:

Scotch Loch and Drop It
1.5 oz Monkey Shoulder Scotch
.5 oz Drambuie
1 oz Jasmine Green Tea Syrup
.75 oz Fresh Lime Juice
2 drops Dandelion & Burdock Bitters
Compass Box Peat Monster Scotch Rinsed Glass

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