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On a cool night at Rocco’s Taco, Clematis Street, I chatted with Founder Inaki Orozco and tasted his creation, Riazul Tequila.

Riazul means blue river in Spanish. More than that it conveys heritage and legacy.

On a cool night at Rocco’s Taco, Clematis Street in West Palm Beach, I chatted with tastemaker Inaki Orozco about his creation, Riazul Tequila. Riazul Añejo, Blanco, and Reposado are premium tequilas born from a spirit of independence and honoring Mexico’s authentic sipping culture.

Picture of Inaki Orozco How did you create your concept? Share a bit of background about how this product came into existence. Riazul tequila is my brainchild in the Agave space. Being raised with an exposure to tequila, Mexico’s most renowned icon to the world made me passionate about the spirit early on. I was blessed to inherit land within the denomination of origin but it was my business background that triggered the idea of planting Agave to sell as raw material. I dug deep to find the right agave procurement expert who assisted me in fostering a great environment for the maturation of my agaves. It was not until experts weighed in on the superior quality and uniqueness of my agaves that I considered making tequila. Again looked for a specialist that would appreciate the complexity in my agaves and possessed the skill-set to craft something unique. With my hands-on guidance and his experience we developed an extremely unique, smooth, well rounded progressive family line of tequilas.

Is there a story behind the name? the tag line? Riazul means blue river in Spanish (loosely). More than that it conveys my heritage and legacy. The four parcels of land that make up the whole extension of soil where today we have the Riazul Agaves come together at the embankment of a small blue stream of water. When I was a kid growing up my father would take me and all the youngsters out to the embankment site to play and rejoice. It was when the day really kicked off for all of us as we would play and flow freely like the river. Therefore our tag line is Flow Freely, I want people to let go ,be happy and enjoy Riazul with their loved ones.

What is your favorite memory developing your concept? When we nailed the final recipe of the añejo, it was definitely a break through what has pleased many palates.

What sets Riazul apart from other tequilas? The unique profile and soft and clean but complex delivery around the palate. Most tequilas are flat delivering one flavor and then the alcohol comes racing.  The complex and rich agaves are transformed into a progressive juice that delivers an unparalleled phases flavor expression that keeps the most discerning palates guessing.

What is your go-to cocktail? Hard to say as it depends on the mood and environment I am in but one that I enjoy very much for its simplicity and yet strong delivery is Riazul Reposado with a splash of soda and a zest of lime in a low ball glass.

What music complements your drinking style? Music in general moves me just as Riazul does as I am a passionate guy and music touches deep within my emotions. Any music that enhances my mood is worthy of me accompanying with a Riazul.

Walk me through a craft cocktail recipe with Riazul. Although I prefer Riazul Añejo neat I also enjoy a cocktail called Chupacabras as it perfectly balances sweet, sour and a smoky and spicy flare. 2oz of Riazul Añejo, 5 pieces of lime, 3/4oz of Agave Nectar, 3 cucumbers peeled and sliced. 3 dashes of Cholula sauce. Muddle, fill with cracked ice, shake and pour onto a rocks glass. Can rim the glass with Tajin

What is your favorite style of Craft Beer? Unfiltered Amber or a hoppy IPA

What trend excites you most about today’s cocktail scene? How mixologists are digging deep into exotic flavors and spices bringing the world together in one glass

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Picture of Riazul Tequila

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